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PC4BC – Quiz 3.1-3.4 Review

Review sheet download Answer sheet download

AB Quiz 6.1-6.2 Review

Review sheet download

AB Calculus Midterm Review

Review sheet 1 Review sheet 2

AB Quiz 3.5-3.9 Review

Here’s a few optimization problems to practice on: Quiz 3B Review And the answer sheet: Quiz 3B Answers

BC Quiz 5A Review

Download the review sheet here: Quiz 5A Review

Calculus Quiz 3A Review

Download the review sheet here: Quiz 3A Review Download the answer sheet here: Quiz 3A Review Answers

Website updates

Old class pages are purged, but the new ones aren’t quite up yet.  Should be in full swing by Tuesday, September 1st for the first round of notes that need posted.


Welcome back to another awesome year of awesome.  Can’t wait to do some calculus and stuff! This post mainly here to make the front page not look too blank until I post more stuff.  Don’t tell anyone.

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